Workshop Weekend


Welcome March! We closed out February in style with a weekend of song and music with our new friend, Craig Bickhardt. The support for the show at the Muse was great, thanks again. We also made another new friend in Caleb Hawley, a wonderful musician, singer, and writer from NY who set the tone for Craig’s performance.

The workshop was a blast! We got into aspects of writing with theWorkshop major label or indie artist in mind, specifically, how to approach subject matter. Craig also peeled back his career, spoke on creativity, and the state of the industry and what might be on the horizon. All in all, a fun, informative, and inspiring day, laced with spontaneous performances by Craig, as well as ad-hoc song critiques that showed Craig some of the songwriting mettle our group brings to the table.

Thanks to everyone for the great response and participation, both Friday night at the Muse and at the workshop on Saturday. I’d be remiss if we didn’t also thank Larry Ahearn, Craig’s manager, who worked with Steve and myself to get Craig to Charlotte after his week in Nashville, en route back to their home in PA. And, of course, Susan, our phenomenal hostess at The Well. Her grace and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. She makes us feel so welcome and serves the group like family, we love you Susan!

NOTE: Click on collage to open larger view!

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