Join us for July’s Meeting!

At this month’s Charlotte NSAI meeting this coming Tuesday night (July 14th), our main topic will be “Indie Music Success Stories,” presented by our good friend Brian Hartzog, a local indie artist with two solo CDs under his belt, and who has had great success in getting his music played worldwide. Brian’s presentation will include real-world case studies from traditional, Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 music publicity models. His interactive session will challenge your understanding of how the music business works and what you may be doing day-to-day that in fact could be holding you back — as well as inspire and inform you on how to use the new social media to create a vibrant online community of fans. Those of you who have heard Brian speak before know that he always covers a ton of useful information, and leaves you with lots to think about and do. Don’t miss it!

And of course, we’ll be critiquing each other’s songs, as usual, during the second half of our meeting.

See you Tuesday!

Steve, Fiona, and Angelo

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