August Meeting — Swannanoa Recap!

At this month’s Charlotte NSAI meeting this coming Tuesday night (August 11th), those of us who attended the Swannanoa Gathering last week will be sharing with the group some of the tidbits of information we picked up in our classes there. It was a great week of music and inspiration and we’re looking forward to sharing the good stuff with you.

For example, do you know why the chorus of Don McLean’s beautiful song, “Vincent” is so pleasing to your ear? It’s because the verses consist of short, rapid-fire phrases, and when your ear is starting to get tired of hearing them, along comes the chorus with its long, drawn-out notes that your ear is ready to hear (“Now I think I….. know……”) . Some people call that type of change a “release.”

It’ll be a good meeting! Don’t miss it!

And of course, we’ll be critiquing each other’s songs, as usual, during the second half of our meeting.

See you Tuesday… 7PM at The Well in Pineville, NC

Steve, Fiona, and Angelo

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