September’s Main Topic

Do you know what your vocal range is? That is, do you know the lowest note you can sing and the highest note you can sing? I don’t. But I should if I want to write songs within that range.

At last month’s Charlotte NSAI meeting, several members who attended the Swannanoa Gathering gave a few pointers they had picked up there on vocal techniques, and it seemed that there was interest in learning more. So, in this month’s meeting this coming Tuesday night (September 8th), we will be watching a video titled, “The Total Singer,” taught by Lisa Popeil, voice coach ( It covers range, breathing, larynx positions, power techniques, control of nasality and breathiness, vibrato, ring, registers and break elimination, and support. After watching it, you will be able to do a better job of delivering your songs to the world.

And of course, we’ll be critiquing each other’s songs, as usual, during the second half of our meeting. It’ll be a good meeting! Don’t miss it!

See you Tuesday!

Steve, Fiona, and Angelo

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