November Meeting – Main Topic

Fiona went to SongPosium in Nashville in September and came back with a bunch of contacts – people in the music industry who would be willing to talk to us via Skype Internet magic.

She has arranged for one of those contacts, Robin Earl, to talk to us during our November meeting this coming Tuesday, November 10th.  Robin Earl and her husband Gary own a recording studio in Nashville, and they produce music for TV/Movies/Commercials.  Robin is also a vocal coach, and Gary does tracking and sales workshops for the music industry.   Robin will be talking to us about how things work on Music Row in Nashville… how songs get in and go through… and some do’s and don’ts for songwriters who don’t live in Nashville.  She will also talk about her career in music, how trends change in country music, and what she sees coming and going.

It’ll be a great presentation!  Thanks for arranging it, Fiona!   And of course, we’ll be critiquing each other’s songs, as usual, during the second half of our meeting.   The meeting agenda is posted and distributed via email.

See you Tuesday at 7:00 pm!

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