February Meeting – Featuring Thom Shepherd!

Members and non-members are invited to come to our Charlotte NSAI meeting this Tuesday night with multiple #1 Nashville songwriter Thom Shepherd visiting us for storytelling, teaching and answering questions via Skype! Hear his story and his songs. Thom is a NUT you will love this visit (FREE for members, $12 for non-members). We are looking forward to seeing everyone for this fun evening!

Thom Shepherd is a songwriter and performer from Nashville, Tennessee, whose songs have been recorded by Tracy Lawrence, George Jones, Trailer Choir, Montgomery Gentry, Pam Tillis, Buddy Jewell, Kevin Fowler, and Cledus T. Judd. He is the writer of the number 1 hit single, “Redneck Yacht Club,” from Craig Morgan’s GOLD certified album “My Kind of Livin'”. His first number one was “Riding with Private Malone,” recorded by David Ball. It won an Achievement Award from the Nashville Songwriters Association, voted on by their members as “the song you wish you had written.” Thom even got to be in the video, playing the title role. The song opened the door for Thom to perform for our troops overseas; he has been on seven tours for Armed Forces Entertainment, bringing his music to servicemen and women in thirteen different countries.

“As songwriters, we have no idea how our songs are going to affect people,” says Thom; “I met a soldier in Qatar who was on leave from Baghdad, and he told me he joined the military because of Private Malone. He asked me how that made me feel and I said Responsible! Then when we went to get our picture taken, he showed me the shattered LCD screen of his digital camera – shattered because it was in his shirt pocket behind his flack jacket when he took a round from an AK47. That camera saved his life. That is powerful stuff.”

Thom was born in St. Louis, Missouri and spent his high school and college years in Stephens City, Virginia. He is a graduate of George Mason University and moved to Nashville in 1993. He is a two time cancer survivor, and a full time songwriter and performer. He is co-owner of a publishing venture called The Bourbon Street Music Company, and co-president of RedneckYachtClub.com, a website that sells merchandise relating to the song and the boating lifestyle.

Agenda for February 9, 2010 Meeting @ The Well

6:30 Open up and sign in. We will open up a little earlier so folk can chat and visit. So we can leave on time as a courtesy to those locking up.

* Members please check your name on the member roster.

* Visitors fill out the vistor form and questionaire. We are really glad you joined us!

* Non-members who have visited more than twice, place $12 fee in provided envelope with your name in box.

* If you have a song for critique:

o bring 30 copies of the lyrics

o place a lyric sheet in the box by the door

o sign the release provided.

* Susan provides coffee and latte’s, water, soda’s for a donation. Please support her and be generous. We really appreciate her letting us use the facility.

7:00 Start with business:

1. Planning session, Spring workshop with Brian White. We are VERY excited to have someone of this caliber here with us!

2. 2010 budget, brainstorm fund raising ideas.

3. Open mic sign ups.

7:30 Skype session with multiple #1 hit songwriter Thom Shepherd. He is an informative and fun guy. A writer and performer with key to repeat success

8:30 Question and answer session with Thom

8:45 Break

9:00 Song Critiques — Some great music!

1. Active members first

2. Then paying guests

3. First and/or Second time guest

10:00 Special thanks to Susan for hosting our meetings. Please come early to socialize and prepare to leave promptly so she can close up.

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