Apply by Sept 18th
a Barbara Cloyd songwriting workshop
Chris Oglesby – Oglesby Writer Management
Rusty Gaston – This Music
Freeman Wizer – Universal Music Publishing
BJ. Hill – Warner Chappell Music Publishing
Brook Arrington – Big Yellow Dog Publishing
Emily Schiraldi – Carnival Music
(click names to read their bios)

If your goal is to get your songs recorded in the major-label Country market, this three-day immersion into the Nashville songwriting world will help you learn what the market is looking for from publishers who are on the front lines pitching songs to the top producers and labels.

Writers are invited to apply. Sixteen will be selected to present songs (live or a demo) and get feedback on the craft and commercial potential of their writing from the publishers. Not only will this help you take your writing to the next level, but it if they like what they hear you may end up with open doors on Music Row.

Since listening to feedback on other people’s songs is one of the best ways to learn the craft, writers who are not among the sixteen selected are still welcome to attend as auditors, who participate in every way except playing their songs.

Additional activities include studying hit songs to see what they have in common, a Q&A session with a hit songwriter, playing at a local writers night and attending a show with hit writers at the Bluebird Cafe

Dates: Oct 20 – 21
Location: Bluebird Café, Nashville TN
Cost: $295 (scholarships available)
Cost to audit: $175

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