May 8th Meeting Update

If you were not at our May meeting, you missed a good one.

Fiona led the meeting asking how often do we use the free NSAI song evaluation service offered to members. We learned that the evaluators now have a video along with details about their background.  We listened to RC Bannon, Megan Connor, Brent Baxter, Bob Della Posta and Bruce Miller.In the past the evaluator only was identified to us by a number. Now we know for example that evaluator #1  is Megan Connor.  Here is a link to Megan Connor’s video that we watched:

Fiona gave us a songwriting exercise to do. We had to take 15 minutes to write a song from four words given to us on an index card. Prior to that we had passed the cards around and everyone wrote down a random word as each person took turns passing the index cards to the next person, etc. For example, my task was to write a song or poem using the following words: Parallel, ducks, tea bag and soliloquy (thanks DJ!).

For a second exercise we were asked to write down on index cards three of our most memorable songs from our youth. Fiona had someone pick a few cards randomly and we listened to the songs to analyze why they were popular or appealing at the time.  With Or Without You by U2,  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by the Platters and Roxanne by Police were played and discussed.

The songs presented during the critique portion of our meeting were very impressive. Scooter who was with us for the first time played and sang his song, Walking In My Grandfathers Shoes and Steve Simpson blessed us with another jewel of a song, What Are The Chances (we retitled it for him!). Dave Wulfeck re-presented a song he has been working on about a couple who meets on a bus in the English country side..DJ sang and played a song that everyone felt had a super chorus that needed repeating like what we  had listened to with U2 in With Or Without You. All in all a meeting full of learnings and sharing songs.

It was announced that Carl will be leaving us relocating to the West Coast. He will be missed as co-coordinator but we wish him all the best in his endeavors. Good luck, Carl!



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