Overview of July’s writing exercise..

Some who were unable to attend our  July meeting asked for an overview of the writing exercise that Fiona presented that night. I will give you my best recollection but for those present, feel free to add your comments about your experience that night. I personally feel these exercises are proving to be very beneficial in keeping me on track with my songwriting.

Fiona asked that we as a group look at the image you see posted above and spout off what immediately came to mind. She wrote our descriptions on a flip chart and numbered them. The next step was assigning each of us one of the adjectives or phrases. We were asked to write a verse and chorus on the spot..I think we had about 15 minutes as I recall. Then we each read or sang our contribution to the group. My assignment was “bright lights.” (I did not take note of all the brainstorming ideas Fiona captured so if you recall some of them please share or post your lyrics in the comments section.)

PS. We welcomed two new visitors who attended our July meeting – Matthew and Brian, and appreciated their participation!

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