Next meeting on September 11th..6:45 sharp..Don’t miss it!

Hi guys,

Larry Beaird who owns one of the very best recording studios in Nashville will be speaking to us via Skype at our next meeting.  If you aren’t a member and have been thinking about checking us out… now would be a good time to see what we are all about.  If you are a “latent” member come and get your rear in gear and trot on down… we miss you and this will be great!

Larry has years of experience recording demos that end up as cuts.  He has worked on many artists albums, and knows all the A players.  He has an incredible ear and is an world class talent.  He is well respected in the industry and is going to be teaching at Songposium this September.

Come and listen to his class on song arranging and demos… and hear some first hand war stories about the big names in Nashville.

See you September 11, at 15 minutes till 6;45.  Larry wants to start at 7:00 so lets get together a little early to accommodate him. Same place….the Well in Pineville!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


p.s.  Don’t forget to bring your songs!  and lyric sheets.

AND don’t forget to come this Tuesday August 28 at 7:00 for our Open Mic!  E-mail me for a slot! (See the post below for details.)  

Location of the Well:

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