September 25th Song Circle..7P.M.

If you missed out open mic Tuesday 8/28, you missed it! It was an extra
special evening with some great friends. We really enjoyed the sing
along, and working on our performance, sharing our songs and favorite

So we decided to do it again. This time it will be in song circle
form. We will sit, unmic-ed in a circle. Start with some sing along
songs (bring 20 copies of one song with chords) for sharing and guitar
practice. Then we will go around the circle singing our songs, or
covers… whatever you need to progress with what you are working on.
(membership not required) September 25 at 7:00.

It will be on the fourth Tuesday for the next few months.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

And don’t forget Larry Beaird (Nashville Demo Studio
owner/player/producer) will be visiting us via Skype for our next
meeting September 11! We will be starting exactly at 7:00 with Larry,
so try to be there early.

This month is our membership drive. If you haven’t signed up and are
thinking about it, now is the time!

See you soon! Grab that melody in your head and craft it into something
special to share a part of yourself with us!


P.S. Some of our members are interested in getting recordings of their
performance at The Well, for capture, or feedback, or copywrite. If
anyone knows how to do that and is willing to donate some time, let me
know. We’ll have a special 4th Tuesday next year to do that.

Location is at the Well:

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