Results from our 1/10/2013 meeting

We had a great time at the meeting Tuesday night.  We looked back at 2012 and listed all the things we wished we had done with our music.  Then we pictured what we should have done to make the right things happen.  And turned that into a plan for 2013.

______(Place Your name here)________  2013 Music Plan
The three major components are
1.  Define very specifically what you want to achieve.
2.  Analyze exactly what steps get you there.
3.  Schedule daily, weekly, monthly tasks for the whole year to move through those steps.Invest
1.  Allocate the time
2.  Allocate the moneySupport
1. Tell friends
2.  Tell family
3.  Tell music support network.

We had a lot of people with recording goals.  We hope to have some great new CD’s and Demo’s and Work Tape catalogs in hand Dec 2013!
Runners up included co-write, write more, perform more, pitch more, develop skills goals.We shared a lot of tips and tricks, recording contacts and experiences, encouragement, and resolutions!  It was a fantastic meeting with some killers songs!We are also looking at setting up a ‘draw a name from the hat’ cowrite exercise meeting on a 4th Tuesday.  So be thinking about that.  I’ll be putting out a schedule for the year soon.

Start that valentines song now for the next meeting February 12, 2013!

Thanks everyone for your input!
Below are the notes from our brainstorming session last night!

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