Message from our new Coordinator, Bobby Davis:

First, let me say how honored I’am to be a co-coordinator for the Charlotte Chapter of NSAI.  As I mentioned last night at our monthly meeting…I expect to learn as much from you as you do from me!   Our chapter is blessed with so many talented people…it is really remarkable.  Let me commend Fiona for her exceptional ability to make all of us feel welcome, at home and wanting to be here.  To Becky, for keeping our web site up so we have a place to go get the latest and greatest.  To Susan, for volunteering her precious time every month to make sure some of us get our latte fixes.  Finally,  to our members for your continuing support.  Whether you a skilled writer or just starting out…I don’t think you can find a place more friendly place to be thaat the “Well” on the second Tuesday of each month sharing bits and pieces of ourselves and our artistic ability ….with family.  And that is what we are…. family!  God Bless You All  P.S. My formal training in Nashville is not until April 3/4 so I will try and help Fiona as much as possible. Not that she needs any.  See ya in March.  Bobby L. Davis

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