March Meeting Wrap-Up


March  Wrap-Up

Hello NSAIrians and thanks for another great meeting.  Here’s a quick recap!

Opening….Becky covered all the upcoming events and what’s new on our web page (go check it out) and covered our new meeting timelines.  Basically, Well doors open at 6:30 pm and we will do our meet and greet from 6:45 til 7.  So come early if you can. Announcements from 7-7:15.  Monthly lesson til 8 and after a short break…song critiques til we end a 9:30.  Becky also gave a shout-out to Scott Gregory for setting up our Facebook page and Susan for her efforts month after month.  And lets not forget …Becky does a great job keeping our web page up to date.  Thank you!

Up-Coming NSAI Events:  Tin Pan South (April 2-6)  and Spring Training ( April 5/6)

The BIG announcement was the CD we are going to do as a project for this year.  You can submit up to three songs.  Everyone will compete for 12 slots!  We haven’t got the selection criteria all ironed out…but were working on them.  Each artist can only occupy one slot…so don’t expect to get more than one song on the CD.  We want to showcase as much and as many of our talented Charlotte membership as possible.  And wow do we really have some talented folks!!!  Entries must be MP3 format and are due to me by 1 Sept. You can email them to me at  BDAEX@AOL.COM.  I’ll hold them until we determine the selection process. We hope to have everything done by Nov….so you can give them out as Christmas time.

Monthly Lesson:  Song Rules  (Fiona let me have the helm for practice….I kind of stumbled and bumbled my way through it…but I’m hoping I get better. I’ll never be as eloquent as Fiona but hopefully everyone takes mercy on me for a little while.  Thanks everyone for your support and thanks to Fiona for giving me the opportunity!  Fiona…I promise I won’t quit my day job! LOL

P.S.  Please let Fiona know how Great of a job she did carrying the whole load.  There is a lot more work behind the scene’s that many of you are not aware of.  She is the Captain of our ship and steer’s us through the trouble waters.  Even Captains need some shore leave from time to time.  Thanks again Fiona.

SONG CRITIQUES:  We had 9 folks preview their current projects.  WOW! WOW! WOW!
Do we ever have some talent! (Ken could you sing that Chorus one more time!!) Great feedback from and foreveryone.

Next Meeting: April 9th..


Bobby Davis

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