Meeting Notes from April 9th.

Location: The Well

Time: 7-9:30 pm

Date: 9 April 2013

Skype session with Jason Wyatt, lead singer for the Lost Trailers. Everyone was all ears!









It was another great NSAI meeting at the “Well”. Becky opened up the meeting with current announcements. She thanked Susan McSwiney for her continued support and for keeping the coffee flowing. Also, thanked Scott Gregory for his continued efforts in keeping our NSAI Facebook page up to speed. Thank you both…words could never express our appreciation! Becky reminded everyone about Byron Hill’s open invitation for the muse in August, Song Camp in July, and this weekends Bluegrass Festival in Oakborro, NC (April 11, 12, 13). Then Steve Simpson gave us an update on his new CD. It’s gonna have 15 new songs and is currently being mixed in Nashville. Even the backup singer portions are being done in Nashville. Steve, I’m sure I speak for everyone…we are equally excited waiting for it! Myself and Fiona then gave a re-cap of our experience’s at Tin Pan South, coordinator training and Spring training. I think the bottom line for both of us….it’s was an incredible experience that everyone needs to do!!! So start saving your pennies for next year. Our special surprise of the night was a Skype session with Jason Wyatt, the lead singer for the Lost Trailers. Jason provided insights as to what he see’s currently going on in Nashville in respects to songwriting. Additionally, he fielded quite a few questions from our members. I think the biggest tip he offered was “Vanilla”. He said if your writing vanilla songs…your not going to get cuts. Producers are looking for something different! We thanked Jason for taking time away from his family to come chat with us. Jason’s web sight is: We closed out the night with eight new songs demo’s from our members. Some really good songs and critiques! We ran about 10 minutes past 9:30…but when your with friends…what’s 10 . Thanks again everyone…see ya in May. Bobby

PJ and Bobby
Susan McSwiney
Karen and Fiona
Bobby, Bruce and Fiona
Ken and Stan

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