May 14 Meeting Notes

NSAI Charlotte, NC Meeting Minutes

Date:  14 May, 2013
Location: The Well (Pineville, NC)
Time: 7-10 pm
Coordinators:  Fiona McAllister,  Bobby Davis

Attendance:  13 members and 2 non-members.

Minutes:  Another great meeting in the books!  We started a few minutes later than normal as many of our members got caught in construction traffic on I-485.  Becky started us out with announcements: She thanked Susan for again volunteering her time and efforts.  Then she covered a couple of key dates forthcoming…NSAI Advanced Song Camp (June 21-23).  Registration is by acceptance.  You register on-line at the NSAI Nashville, TN website and send in several songs for them to review.  Seating is very limited…so NSAI reserves the right of selection.  Her and Fiona attended several years back and it was well worth it.  Also…Song Camp is July 25/26 and open to anyone.  Becky provided brief bio information about some of the NSAI participating instructors in this years Song Camp. Check out the NSAI website for all the details.   She reminded everyone about Byron Hill at the Muse on Aug. 22nd.  Byron has graciously provided an opportunity for one or several Charlotte NSAI Chapter members to perform on stage with him and Will Nance.   We had several folks volunteer.  More as we get closer.  Becky covered our CD project and reiterated the 1 Sept. submission date with an Nov. completion date.   You can submit up to three songs, but only one will be chosen for the CD.  We want to maximize our local talent as much as possible…12 songs-12 different artist.  More on the selection process as we figure it out.  I explained that this is not an NSAI sponsor event, and Fiona added that we will give them a shout out in some form.  Submissions come to me via email (BDAEX@AOL.COM) and must be CD ready.  Karen asked if they needed to be full production demo’s.  Answer: No.  There are several studio’s locally that are available locally to help out if so desired.  We will strategically place full production songs with those that are not… to maximize the artist and the songs.  Steve and Mark reminded us this weekend on Sunday, May19th is the “Lilly Festival” in Rock Hill, SC. Several of our members will be performing. It’s a great event…so get out and check it out.  Steve updated us on his new CD.  The music parts are all done and he is just waiting on the art work to finish.  He briefly covered the whole process done in Nashville and it sounded really exciting.  He brought the CD with him (minus the artwork) and promised to play us a song from it later in the night.  Karen made mention of my recent mention as “One to Watch” on the NSAI Nashville website.  Fiona advised that her and Jason (her husband) will be doing their Annual Pig roast at their home on Lake Norman in early June.  They exact dates were undecided as of just yet, but she would let us know.  All we have to do is bring ourselves and a side dish.  Should be a great time! So..let’s all go the Fiona’s and Pig out!!!  Additionally, she announced that Doak Walker had helped her get bracelet tickets and she and her daughter will be attending the CMT’s this year (June 5/6).  How cool is that!  She also extended an offer to anyone that would like to attend.  Now that’s a coordinator!!!  Thanks Fiona…your a great mom and friend.  Whew…not sure how I remembered all that.

Meeting Lesson:  Fiona covered this months lesson on “Hooks”.  We had some great discussion and examples.  Fiona even made us come up with a hook off the top of our heads and sing a melody with it.  It was fun!

Song Critiques:  We had seven folks play songs for the night.  Some great work out their…a shout out to Seth and Teal who attended our meeting for the first time and performed.  Finally, Steve played track #9 from his new CD.  Don’t want to give anything away!  All I can say is wow…put me down for one.  Great Job!!!

Closing Comments:  We ran a little long tonight and had some great feedback.  I would like to add comments on the critique session.  In the future…we will ask what your expectations are for the song…i.e. commercial, personal, etc.  This way we can tailor our comments toward your specific goal and it will speed up the process.  Well that’s it…hopefully I didn’t forget anything. See ya next month.  Bobby, Becky, and Fiona.



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