June 11, 2013 Meeting Notes

NSAI Charlotte, NC Meeting Minutes

Date: 11 June, 2013
Location: The Well (Pineville, NC)
Time: 7-9:30 pm
Coordinators: Fiona McAllister
Bobby Davis

Attendance: 9 members and 2 non-members.

Minutes: Another great meeting in the books! We started a few minutes later than normal again as many of our members got caught in construction traffic on I-485. Construction on the outer-loop is going to be an on-going thing for quite a while. Attendance was down somewhat. Becky started us out with announcements: She welcomed everyone to our monthly meeting and asked Kirk Hassenfritz (new attendee) to tell us about himself. He’s from Concord and later in the night demo’d one of his songs. Welcome to our Charlotte family Kirk! Becky thanked Susan for unrelenting support and reminded us about Byron Hill at the Muse on August 22nd. Byron has graciously offered a third seat on stage with him, and Will Nance. We will finalize the names in July so we can get them to Byron. Also to let our participants know the specifics. Becky covered a couple of key dates forthcoming…NSAI Advanced Song Camp (June 21-23). Registration is by acceptance. You register on-line at the NSAI Nashville, TN web-site and send in several songs for them to review. Seating is very limited…so NSAI reserves the right of selection. Also…Song Camp is July 25/26 and open to anyone. Check out the NSAI web-site for all the details. Finally, June is membership month for NSAI and our Chapter get $20 for each new member that joins. So if you know someone thats not a member…June is a good month to join. I gave an update about our CD project…I have received three songs so far. You can submit up to three songs, but only one will be chosen for the CD. We want to maximize our local talent as much as possible…12 songs-12 different artist. Again I explained that this is not an NSAI sponsored event. We talked about MP# files vs wave files. I will get with someone more versed than myself and get back to everyone on which format they need to submit. Steve Simpson updated us on his new CD. “The music parts are all done and he is still waiting on the art work to finish.” Becky graciously turned the meeting over to me for the nights lesson. Thanks Becky for staying on top of all the announcements.

Lesson for Tonight: Pitching and Plug’n your songs. I started out with my own trials and tribulations in the pitching and plug’n realm. The question of the night: How do you get your songs in front of the right people? Answer: It is really difficult if you don’t know someone or live in Nashville! Pitch to the Publisher through the NSAI critique process is one of the better ways. I also covered locations on the NSAI web site that covered reference video’s on the subject and book material. In all, we had a great discussion as we explored some of the different options. After a short break…we had four songs that were demo’d and everyone received some very constructive and I hope…helpful feedback. Keep up the good work folks! Meeting Ended.




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