July 9th Meeting Notes!

NSAI Charlotte, NC Meeting Minutes

Date: 9 July, 2013
Location: The Well (Pineville, NC)
Time: 7-9:30 pm
Coordinators: Fiona McAllister
Bobby Davis
Manager: Becky Helms


Attendance: 12 members and 2 non-members.

Minutes: An Awesome meeting tonight! We started a few minutes later than normal again to give any members got caught in construction traffic a chance to get there. Becky started us out with announcements: She welcomed everyone to our monthly meeting and recognized our special guest (Janet Miller). We had two new members in attendance for tonight…Ryan and Elle.
Of course we made them tell us all about themselves. Welcome Ryan and Elle to our Charlotte Family. (note: Both performed later in the evening!) Becky thanked Susan for her support. June was membership month we get $20 for each new member and for each renewal. Only one person has submitted their name. She asked for a show of hands of anyone else that might have joined or renewed in June. There was one. The tally was due back to NSAI on the 8th so we will just be late because our meeting was scheduled for day after but we wanted to verify the information before we sent it up. Song Camp is this month-July 26-28th open for everyone and we have one member we know of that is participating (Ken). Check the NSAI website for details. Also this month NSAI started a pitch to publisher (P2P) via the internet..for all those folks that don’t live in the Nashville area. First one is July 15th with registration beginning 8 July (yesterday). There are only 50 slots per event. Better hurry! The next one is Aug. 22…keep checking the NSAI website for Aug. event registration. Right now…NSAI members get one free internet Pitch to Publisher (P2P) per year. Aug. 22 is the Byron Hill event at Muse…we have been talking about this for a couple of months and in our Aug. meeting we will solidify the names and get them to Byron. The 1 Sept deadline for our Charlotte songwriters CD is fast approaching. We received 4 songs total. You can email them to Bobby at BDAEX@AOL.COM. We will use mp3 files to choose the final 12 songs and then request a wav. file for the final production. Fiona is coordinating with a writer that has had several #1 songs to be the judge as to which 12 make the CD. For public disclosure purposes we have $518.32 in our Chapter account. We should get some additional funds for new members and renewals who joined in June. Becky ended the announcements by requesting any updates of upcoming local performances by our members. There were none.

Lesson for Tonight: I thought we would forgo tonight’s formal lesson so as to provide our special guest time to address us. I’m sure all who attended will agree…Janet’s story was an inspiring lesson/journey in itself. She is truly a “songwriter’s songwriter” and so full of life, determination and energy!!!! It was easy to see where her heart lay. What a great job she did! If she didn’t inspire you..WOW not much I can say. Janet talked about networking and sang her first song plus one she wrote for her husband. She played a co-written song from a new and aspiring artist from Virginia. She ended with I’m here to listen to you and your songs and if I like what I hear…”I’m taking it back with me!!”. With that.. we took a short break and started in the “Charlotte Edition” of P2P. We had 11 folks play songs and got.. what I would conclude as invaluable feedback from Janet. Again what a Great Night…BTW she took down a lot of names and notes and asked for several folks to email her songs. Note: For those that missed this meeting…all I will say…you missed meeting an extraordinary lady in Janet. Meeting Ended.

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