Aug. 13th Meeting Notes and Photos

NSAI Charlotte, NC Meeting Minutes

Date: 13 August 2013
Location: The Well (Pineville, NC)
Time: 7-10:15 pm
Coordinators: Fiona McAllister
Bobby Davis

Attendance: 22 members and 3 non-members.

Minutes: Another great meeting in the books! We started a few minutes early because we had such a big crowd. We must of had 6 or 7 folks come in after the announcements. Becky started us out with welcoming any new members for the night to include her good friend from Myrtle Beach who writes short stories. We always love to have friends and family show up! Also we had Terry and his wife Wendy drive all the way down from North of Mt Holly. Glad they made it and look forward to their return in the future as well. Becky thanked Susan and Scott for their continued support to our Charlotte Chapter and covered items hot items on the NSAI National website. She followed up with updates on Byron Hill and Will Nance at the Muse on August 22nd. Our Chapter is providing three performers to occupy a third chair that night. We hope everyone gets out to see Byron, Will, Tony, Karen and Dave perform that night. Check our local NSAI website for the event flyer. Becky also mentioned that Janet who was with us in July did sign her staff writers contract with Silver Creek Records and it publicized in the NSAI newsletter. Congrats to Janet…she worked long and hard for that deal- 12 years! Persistence pays! Becky also updated us on our CD project…get those to Bobby at before Sept. 1st. So far we have a total of 9 members and about 18 songs. We need at least four, maybe 5 more members to submit. We hope we can get 15 songs and different artist on the CD…That’s our goal. We also talked about bringing in Rock Hill on the project but no final decision was made. We would like to continue our excellent partnership with Rock Hill and if it can’t be on this CD project…we will look at maybe a Christmas CD or maybe a Summer CD. Fiona reminded us that this is not an NSAI sponsored event…the disclaimer! Becky turned the floor over to Ken who provided his take on the Song Camp he attended in July. He even brought a book of picture’s he had made to document the experience. Needless to say…I think the lessons he learned and the positive message he conveyed will have more of us attending next year. Thanks Ken. Steve also gave us an update on this year’s Swannanoa Festival      (think I spelled that right). He remarked about some of the classes that he took during the four day event not only that he attend but his daughter as well. One of the classes was taught by Janis Ian (she had a hit song called 17 I believe). Google it! It’s a really good song! Fiona filled in the blanks about the Festival for those that have never attended. Sounds like a great event and next year maybe we can do a group thing. Tonight was “Show and Tell” night so we circled the chairs and each member was asked to identify goals for the upcoming year, tools the use to help them write and their biggest achievement during the past 12 months. We had some really great and entertaining comments/stories. Finally, we started in with song critiques. I believe we had 10 performances tonight. They were all really great but I think Elle stole the show with her song. I won’t say anything more than she had all of us looking for an afterwards smoke. Guess you just had to be there. LOL. Well that’s it…hopefully I didn’t forget anything. See ya’ll next month.



20130813_210228 20130813_210145 20130813_210118 20130813_210106 20130813_210052 20130813_210036 20130813_210025 20130813_205959 20130813_193859 20130813_193520 20130813_191658

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