Oct. 8th Meeting Notes

Charlotte NSAI Chapter Meeting Minutes
Date: 8 October 2013
Location: The Well (Pineville, NC)
Attendance: 12 (members: 9 non-members-3

Comments: Becky opened the meeting with administrative remarks. She Welcomed new members, acknowledged the volunteerism and support given to our chapter by Susan McSwiney and Scott Gregory. I also piped in to acknowledge the efforts of Becky as well. Thank you three for your continued efforts to make our family grow and be successful. Becky covered events happening on the National NSAI website such as the current CMT song contest, P2P via Skype and updated us on how much money we have in our coffers ($732). Additionally, we came in 3rd during the July renewal/membership drive and won a P2P. At this point we passed out pieces of paper to those who had a song ready to pitch and drew a name out of the hat so to speak. Congrats to Steve Simpson for winning the drawing for our clubs free pitch to the publisher. I will inform Leslie so she can set it up. Also thank you to our current and new members for allowing our Chapter to win the award. Without you we wouldn’t be here!!! Becky turned the meeting over to Fiona and myself for the nights lesson. I talked about how important visuals are to our songs and the perspective we should use in writing our songs. To demonstrate this process we drew pictures on the easel so the members could not see and then had volunteers come up and talk us through the picture without the members being able to see it. As song writers we know the story we want to tell…but our audience are uniquely different and interpret this differently. We want them to understand and follow our songs, feel the emotion and CONNECT. I might add my picture was rather simple…but Fiona’s was a regular Picasso!!! Fiona took the second part of the lesson as we examined the current Billboard #1 song by Luke Bryan. We evaluated and had a group discussion about the lyrics, rhythm, melody, and dynamics. Fiona also showed up a Japanese Has Talent youtube video with a balancing act that was truly amazing. She then made a comparison to a typical song structure. Pretty awesome stuff. After a short break, 6 folks performed their latest and greatest in the critique session. Again…we sure have some really talented folks!
WOW! almost forgot this…our CD project update. As Becky reminded us the submission window is closed and we have received 26 songs from 11 artist. I will get with Tim Jones of Rock Hill tomorrow and make sure I have received all of their submissions. Our goal is still to get this done by Christmas. Fiona also invited everyone to a pig cookout at her house on Lake Norman on the 19th of October. It’s bring a dish and the eating starts at five. If you have never been to her house…it’s really nice!!!! Hopefully, I didn’t leave anything out. Meeting Closed! Bobby.

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