Presenting Songs for Evaluation

The purpose is to receive feedback from listeners.  You do not want the listener to be confused.  You want them to enjoy what you intend to convey in your song.

1.  The critique is on the song, not the performance.  You can sing acappella or play a full demo.

2.  If you are uncomfortable, you can share that, but please don’t elaborate as it uses up your song time and will not change your

performance.  We are your friends and here to help your song.  Focus on your song.

3.  If possible, provide 20 copies of your lyrics.

4.  Do not explain the song before you sing it, unless you are prepared to write your explanation into the song.  Your song should

stand alone.

5.  Tell the listeners what level of critique you want.

a.  Beginner:  just be nice to me!

b.  Intermediate:  share ideas that you have and identify any points of confusion.

c.  Advance:  tell me everything you hear that might make this song better.

d.  Demo:  This song is finished, I just want to share it.

6.  Watch the person in front of you and get in place as efficiently as possible, we always need to make good use of our time.

7.  Enjoy presenting your song!

Article written by Fiona McAllister

Posted by Misty Simpson

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