Minutes of March 10th Meeting


Minutes of March 10th Meeting

Date of Meeting:  March 10, 2015, 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Location:  The Well, 220 Main Street, Pineville, NC 28134

Coordinators:  Fiona McAllister, Misty Simpson, Steve Simpson, Bobby Davis (Fiona was out due to the death of a friend)

Number in Attendance:  15


Announcements – Started with me, Bobby Davis, welcoming everyone to our monthly meeting.  This was the second meeting according to our new agenda we (four coordinators) put together several months ago to bring fun & folks to our monthly meetings.  Tonight was our first song circle this year & I might add a very successful one.  I covered the upcoming Tin Pan South, expanding on what Tin Pan South actually is.  Additionally, Steve, Misty and myself will be attending coordinator training as well to re-educate us on all the recent changes to NSAI in order to better serve our local chapter.  Steve invited everyone to Nova’s Bakery, Saturday March 14th 2-4 p.m. to come be a part of his gig.  Editor’s Note:  What kind of person would graciously give up their performance time to promote others!  For those that don’t know Steve…that is the kind of person he is!!!! Very unselfish on top of being a brilliant song writer!  Why he is a coordinator!!!   Bruce Johnson was scheduled to present the night’s lesson plan on song critiques,  but was busy preparing for his move to Texas.  BTW Bruce & Linda…we miss you already!!!  For those that were not aware, Bruce and Linda will be relocating to the Lone Star State to be closer to their grandkids. You will be missed and I think Texas just got a few more stars.  I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that we missed Susan as well!  She is currently on a mission building houses in Guatemala.  Susan, not only did we miss your effervescent smile…Steve, Misty, and myself could of used your expertise prior to the meeting helping us find all the light switches!!   With that we moved to our lesson plan.  Note:  I will leave these notes from our February Meeting as they remain applicable.  Anyone wishing to be added to our yahoo email group, please let one of the coordinators know.  The Swannanoa Gathering’s Contemporary Folk/Guitar Week will be July 26 – August 1, 2015, and several from our Charlotte group will be attending.

Presentation – I covered a handout (which is also available on our website and outlined below).  Additionally, several of our members added additional valuable comments to further educate us on the subject.  BTW… thanks Tony, Sarah & Misty for your insights!  I really think you were just tired of listening to me. LOL! Not really…just trying to make the minutes more fun and not so mundane.

Song Circle:  We heard some incredible songs tonight!  I’m telling you…Charlotte Has Got Talent!!!!!   Thanks to everyone who came and shared your songs!  Typically, I wouldn’t single any out…but I wanted to point out that Misty performed for the first time EVER!  She played the two songs she submitted for her NSAI coordinator requirement…which were her first two writes…EVER!  She played her Ukulele in a public setting (she’s only been taking lessons for a few months) for the first time EVER!  I single her out not because she is a coordinator but because what she did …..epitomizes what we are all about!!! It All Begins With A Song!

Til Next Time…Bobby Davis

How to Evaluate Another Person’s Song

  1. Remember that encouraging the writer to continue writing is the premier function of this group.
  2. While the song is playing quickly mark the lyrics wherever you were confused, or heard something you liked.
  3. Be on guard to identify if you “tune out” and mark that (was it cliché lyric or monotone melody?)
  4. If you smiled, or cried…mark exactly when.
  5. When the song is over go back and write out an explanation.  (examples:  lost me, confused? who?  past or present? good line, good melody, good rhythmic component, nice rise, cool chord.)
  6. Identify what created mood and flow.
  7. Deliberately identify characteristics of the song that were good, so the writer has a balanced perspective of the critique, and so he doesn’t change what worked well.
  8. Offer the one most valuable observation you made.
  9. Allow others time to contribute.
  10. If no other information is being shared, you may then contribute additional observations.
  11. Be aware of available time.
  12. Always encourage the writer.  They have done something most people can’t do!

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