Agendas for April, May & June

Fiona, Bobby, Steve and myself want to give you the agendas for the upcoming months of April, May, and June, so that you can mark your calendars now for the second Tuesdays of every month.

April 14th:  Our very own Tim and Sarah Williams will be teaching a class on co-writing.  When it comes to co-writing, they are clearly in a class of their own, so we are very excited that they will be teaching our members what they have learned along their journey.  They plan to take us through the process of co-writing a song from beginning to end.  Then Tim will perform songs that he and Sarah have co-written with different co-writers, including some from Nashville.

May 12th:  Mike Alicke who is a Berklee College of Music graduate and award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist (2012 Summit Showcase Songwriter Of The Year and Nominated 2013 Songwriter Of The Year by The Charlotte Music Awards) with many years of performing, touring, and recording experience, will be with us teaching chord progressions for songwriters.  He will teach all levels.  Starting will beginners, going to intermediate, and then advanced.  Mike will then perform some of his original songs using the chord progressions he has taught us.

June 9th:  We will be hosting a kick-off-to-Summer song circle, just like the one we had for Spring that was so popular!   We will provide snacks for everyone to share.  So just bring whatever you want to play.  New, old and covers if you’d like.  If you would like to have your song critiqued while we are going around the song circle we ask that you bring twenty copies of your lyrics with you.  This is a time for us to connect, have fun and share music!

Please remember that at the end of the April and May meetings there will be time for song critiques, so bring any song you are working on or have finished, and twenty copies of your lyrics to each meeting.  Also, please feel free to bring your family and friends to any and all meetings.

My goal is for us to go home having learned something, shared some music, been heard, and feeling better then when we arrived each month.

Misty Simpson,  Coordinator


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