Minutes of our April 14th Meeting

Minutes of the April 14 Meeting


Date of Meeting:  April 14, 2015, 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Location:  The Well, 220 Main Street, Pineville, NC 28134

Coordinators:  Fiona McAllister, Misty Simpson, Steve Simpson, Bobby Davis

Number in Attendance:  21


Announcements – Started with Steve and Misty welcoming everyone to our monthly meeting and introduction of all the coordinators.  We had a large crowd tonight with many first timers so we took a little extra time to recognize our newcomers and have them tell us about themselves.  Misty then addressed her and Steve’s special invitation for a night out at the Evening Muse.  Here is the link to the information and invitation.  Should be an fun evening.


As, Steve, Misty and myself had just returned from Nashville and Tin Pan South week coupled with coordinator training, I took a minute to explain what Tin Pan South is and some of the storylines and highlights we came back with.  I tried to keep it as short as possible so we could dedicate as much time as possible to our special guest Tim & Sarah Williams who had graciously volunteered to present our lesson plan of Co-Writing.

I couldn’t even begin to cover everything they went over, but we’ve added their notes to our website.  Great Stuff Folks!  I will point out one fact that Sarah used to start the lesson….of the current weekly top songs on Billboard magazine’s top 100 chart…the top 10 songs had at least 3 co-writers!!!  Hint, Hint!  We also got to hear several of Tim & Sarah’s song’s they had recently collaborated on and again…WOW!  I must admit the highlight of the lesson plan was getting to put into practice some of what Tim & Sarah had just covered.  They broke us down into five groups and gave us the topic to write too.  After 15 minutes of working with our new co-writers….each group presented the song starts they came up with.   It was pretty incredible to see the mixing and meshing of talent that took place within the Well last night.  Must be something in the air of that old Church!

We actually delayed presentation of the group songs so we could get to song critiques.  We had four incredibly talented folks present songs they were working on or had recently finished.  All in all it was another great fun filled evening with family and friends…..Til Next Time…BD

Written by Bobby Davis, Coordinator

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