Mintues to the June 9th Meeting

Minutes of the June 9th Meeting

Date of Meeting: June 9th, 2015, 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Location: The Well, 220 Main Street, Pineville, NC 28134

Coordinators: Misty Simpson, Steve Simpson, Bobby Davis, Fiona McAllister (absent do to vacation travel…enjoy Paris, France Fiona!)

Number in Attendance: 16

Agenda: Tonight was our second “Song Circle”. This was our kick off to Summer Song Circle. Also, this is in keeping with our NSAI Motto…”It All Begins With a Song”.

We had several new folks in attendance, so Misty started the meeting out with an introduction of coordinators. Steve, followed up with a Nova’s Bakery update & reminder of the Well’s generosity in allowing us to have our meetings there. He also brought up our recent discussions of hosting an “Open Mic” Night at the Well in July. Still a few minor details that need to happen before it becomes a reality, but we will let everyone know by our Website, Facebook page, and a Yahoo email to the group. We encouraged folks to participate & bring family and friends for a night out of fun and entertainment. The tentative date is the Tuesday, July 21 from 7-9:30 pm. With announcements complete…it was time to start the fun!!

Of course ever one wants to go first!! So Steve, the consummate song story-teller, dug into his past and took a water bottle to the middle of the circle. Yep….we played “Spin The Bottle”! Of course, when I got home and my wife asked me how the meeting went….and I said…”I played spin the bottle”! I had to dig into my past and turn into Paul Harvey…and give “The Rest of The Story”. Below is the list of folks that performed. For those that missed out….it was “Woodstock” all over again. Great Songs! Great Performances! You just had to be there. WOW!

Dave Wulfeck,
Diana Wade
Derick Hill
Lunar Stewart
Ricky Vacca
Bruce Keedy
Amy Royal
Rebecca Dorn
DeWitt Crosby
Timothy Scott
Dale Harris
Jeff Schroeder
Ken Widis
Bobby Davis
Misty & Steve Simpson

We have great music being made at the Well the second Tuesday of every month, so come out and join us July 14th!

Bobby Davis

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