Agendas For July, August & September

Fiona, Bobby, Steve and myself want to give you the agendas for the upcoming months of July, August & September, so that you can mark your calendars now for the second Tuesdays of every month. Also, we will be having our Open Mic on the third Tuesday of July (the 21st) from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm at The Well. So far we have nine people signed up to play and if you would like to be added to the list just email Steve at

July 14th: Brian Hartzog, local indie artist, podcaster, and self-professed computer geek, will discuss, “How to Join the Indie Music Revolution.” Brian has recorded and released two of his own CDs, applying his Technical Analyst mind to the indie promotion of his own “funk and roll” music. Brian makes the internet music marketing tips he learns available to musicians on his website ( and on his podcast The Internet ( Brian will cover how to build an email list, getting more fans through facebook, and video marketing 101. In short, he will discuss how to join the indie music revolution. Please bring your questions, notepads and be prepared to chime in with your experiences and insights as well!

August 11th: We will be having what has always been a very popular meeting of Show and Tell. We will all be given the opportunity to share with the group what we have been up to musically. If you have learned some new songwriting technique, discovered a new rhyming website, bought some new songwriting software, learned how to use a drum machine in your songwriting, started recording a CD, bought an awesome songwriting book, started taking ukulele lessons – anything you want to share with the group, especially if you think it might help the rest of us – bring it!

September 8th: We will be hosting a kick-off-to-Fall song circle, just like the one we had for Summer that was so popular! We will provide snacks like we do for every meeting for everyone to share. So just bring whatever you want to play. New, old and covers if you’d like. If you would like to have your song critiqued while we are going around the song circle, we ask that you bring twenty copies of your lyrics with you. This is a time for us to connect, have fun and share music.

Please remember that at the end of the July and August meetings there will be time for song critiques, so bring any song you are working on or have finished, and twenty copies of your lyrics to each meeting. Also, please feel free to bring your family and friends to any and all meetings.

Our goal is for us to go home having learned something, shared some music, been heard, and feeling better than when we arrived each month.

How about all the music that is being played at our meetings?! We are all playing music!!

Misty & Steve Simpson, Coordinators

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