Minutes of October 13th Meeting

Prepared by Bobby Davis:

Date of Meeting:  October 13, 2015, 7:00 – 10:00 pm

Location:  The Well, 220 Main Street, Pineville, NC 28134

Coordinators:  Fiona McAllister, Misty Simpson, Steve Simpson, Bobby Davis

Number in Attendance:  18

Announcements –Misty welcomed everyone to our monthly meeting and thanked everyone who attended our workshop taught by Peter Mulvey.  It was a huge success!!!  She informed everyone of the upcoming show on November 1st, at the Summit Coffee House in Davidson, NC featuring Sally Barris and our own NSAI member Timothy Scott.  Of course, those of us in the Charlotte Chapter are well aware of Timothy’s talent.  I’m sure he would agree….a lot of his success has to go to his writing partner …his wife… Sarah.  We hope everyone goes out and supports them.  Here is the link to make your reservations: http://www.tstunes.com/gigs/.  Misty also addressed our November and December meetings.  In November, Glenn Selby, a former NSAI member who teaches a songwriting class at Central Piedmont Community College will be showing us deliberate approaches to songwriting that have been in use for over 80 years.  December is our Christmas Party!!! Yeah!  We will provide the big items i.e. Turkey/dressing/Ham.  We just ask everyone to bring a dish to share.  To quote Misty…”if three folks bring macaroni and cheese….then we will have enough to go around, we are NOT going to legislate what you should bring.”  Just come and enjoy the evening!  BTW…I like Mac & Cheese but prefer Chocolate! LOL  Additionally, we are planning on some sing-a-longs and a song circle.  Our December meeting is really going to be an awesome family event!  Fiona then gave us an update on the Cornelius group and their efforts to establish a local NSAI Chapter there.  She also invited everyone to a “Pig Pick’n” at her house on Saturday, October 24th. It starts at 5 p.m. and is also “Bring a Dish” affair.  They will have a sound system set-up and hopefully they can do a song-circle as part of the activities.  She even has her own “drone” she is going to attempt to navigate to take pictures. She gave everyone her address and by request….doesn’t want it put out in the minutes.  So if you need her address you’ll have to contact one of us.   I reminded everyone of the Oct. 31st cut-off for the CMT Song Contest. All the specifics are on Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) main web-page.  Finally, finally…Steve got to speak!  He said that PJ Brunson had suggested to Sarrah, the owner of EagleSpeak Coffee House on South Boulevard in Charlotte, about hosting a monthly NSAI Songwriter Round/Open Mic there, and Sarrah agreed.  So, it will be on the second Thursday of each month, starting on January 14, 2016.  He said basically that the songwriter round would go from 7 til 8 pm, with 3 songwriters performing approx. 3-5 songs each.  Then the open mic would go from 8 pm til whenever we wanted to stop.  What a great opportunity 1) showcase our talented members 2) provide invaluable performance experience.  He took a show of hands to see how many folks were interested and I had to quit counting after 10 because that’s all the fingers I had. LOL..in other words there was a very positive reaction to the idea…so look for additional details in the future.   With all the announcements completed….it was time for our lesson.

Tonight’s Lesson: Tonight we were honored to have Julie Dean speak to us. Julie is an amazing voice coach here in Charlotte.  She has been teaching singing for 15 years – many years at Queens University of Charlotte and the Community School of the Arts, before she opened her own studio.  She also works as part of the voice health care team with a local laryngologist and speech language pathologist at Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Associates (CEENTA), which helps the elderly with injured voices.  So what did she teach us? Well…she debunked a lot of myths associated with singing and explained how our voices really work.  She clued us in on what to drink or not drink before a performance.  Hint…stay away from the dairy….it creates mucus.  She prefers water!  Julie taught us a few exercises on warming up your voice before a performance and cooling it down afterwards.  You know like athletes do!  But hey…your voice is  controlled by muscles…so you have to apply the same process.  Amazingly the cooling down process she showed us uses water and a straw.  Misty can demonstrate in November. Additionally, how important is your posture and your breathing.  They are extremely important. Julie also made a most important revelation or at least for some of us..primarily me….when she answered the question…Can everyone sing?  You’ll have to come to the November meeting to get my answer to that. LOL!  I truly wish we would have recorded this lesson.  Julie was just Amazing and I capitalized the A on purpose! To end the evening we got to hear some great new songs from our members and guests in the critique session. I’m always in awe of the talent in the Charlotte area and of all our members. Til Next Time…keep writing….and remember our NSAI motto…..”It All Begins With A Song”…BD


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