Minutes of November 10th Meeting

Prepared by Bobby Davis:

Date of Meeting:  November 10, 2015, 7:00 – 10:00 pm

Location:  The Well, 220 Main Street, Pineville, NC 28134

Coordinators:  Fiona McAllister, Misty Simpson, Steve Simpson, Bobby Davis

Number in Attendance:  25

Announcements:  I welcomed everyone to our monthly meeting and reminded folks to check out upcoming national events and services on the main NSAI web page.  Also, as we wind down 2015, I thanked everyone for a great year and reminded them of our December Christmas Party.  The party is not just for NSAI members!  I encouraged them to bring family and friends as we celebrate Christmas in fellowship and song.  BTW…it’s bring a dish to share, we (the coordinators) will provide the meats (Turkey/Ham).   With that, I turned the floor over to Misty.  She also thanked everyone for a great year and for the recent support that our members provided to Timothy and Sarah Williams at Summit Coffee House in Davidson. It was a great turn-out.  It was there, at the coffee house, as she and many other NSAI members watched Tim and Sally Barris perform….she had an epiphany!  We, the Charlotte NSAI member’s could do this!!! Like a dollar burning a hole in a kid’s pocket, Misty laid out her vision of 2016 for our club.  To partner with a local venue to host an NSAI songwriters night!! Of course Misty was well aware of the caliber of talent within our group so she set her sights on the most exalted venue in Charlotte…The Evening Muse.  She has already set the wheels in motion!  More to follow!  Misty asked Timothy Scott Williams to announce his upcoming event at Petra’s on November 18th.  Information is available on his website:  http://www.tstunes.com/ .   Misty then asked Susan McSwiney to brief us on the upcoming Music & Art Festival at the Well on Dec. 4/5th.  For more information, go to The Well’s website at http://www.the-well.org .  Steve wrapped up the announcements with a quick reminder for everyone to please sign in and indicate whether you would like to be added to our Yahoo Group.  He also us that any member of the Yahoo Group can send out emails to the group.  We just ask that you don’t use the site for personal solicitation of products, political announcements, etc.  Music event notifications are fine.  Steve also gave us his upcoming schedule for his Nova’s Bakery performances in both Rock Hill and Mint Hill through Jan.  Several folks have already performed with Steve and he recognized those individuals.  He also recognized folks that will be performing in the future…at least through February and solicited for those that were interested in performing with him…to get with him.  That concluded the announcements and it was time for tonight’s lesson.

Tonight’s Lesson:  We were super excited to have Glenn Selby, a Professor at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) with us tonight.  Glenn has a Bachelors in Music and a Minor in Music Business from Belmont University in Nashville, TN and currently teaches songwriting at CPCC.  Tonight he covered some highlights of the songwriting process that has been used for over 80 years Quick Highlights:  1) The purpose of the song you’re writing.  It makes a difference!  Are you writing it for you, your friends and family or are you writing it for the commercial market?  It makes a difference! Notice I said that twice.   2) The main rule of songwriting….There is no hard and fast rules…it’s all subjective!  He gave several examples of perceived rules and contradictions to the rules using songs we all knew…past and present.  3) Glenn covered the “Hook”.  What is it and what it’s supposed to do.  Again, he gave examples to support both the perception and the difference in regards to the hook being the Song Title.  4) He talked about song structure.  Verses, Chorus, and the Bridge.  At the conclusion of his lesson he opened the floor to questions.  Note:  It was a great lesson and Glenn provided some invaluable information to assist songwriters at every level.  Thanks, Glenn!   To end the evening we got to hear some great new songs from our members and guests in the critique session.   Glenn even stayed around and helped out.  As always…I’m in awe of the talent in the Charlotte area and of all our members.  One final note:  We had four new folks attending their first meeting tonight.  We want to Welcome them to our Charlotte family.  With that…till Next Time…keep writing….and remember our NSAI motto…..”It All Begins With A Song”…BD

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