Agenda for April 12th Meeting

Our next meeting is this coming Tuesday, April 12th, from 7:00 pm until approximately 9:30 p:m, at The Well in Pineville, with Susan hosting. The Well is located at 220 Main Street, Pineville, NC 28134.

This month, Julie Dean, will be teaching a Master Class on Voice/Performance Techniques. Julie will work with some of our members who are willing and ready on any vocal technique or performing issues/fears they may have. This would be a great opportunity for members who struggle with even a little bit of performance anxiety or, if there’s a technical issue that you can’t figure out and would like some direction/solution on. Pick a song that you like, but gives you fits for one reason or another (“I feel like my voice gets weak here when I go higher”, “my voice always ‘breaks’ or feels on the edge at this part of the song”, “I can’t find a place to catch my breath there”, “I just wish I sounded better”, etc.). There is great benefit in watching this work done as well! This is going to be educational, interesting and fun!!

As always, the second half of our meetings are reserved for song critiques. If you would like to have one of your songs critiqued, please bring 25 copies of your lyric sheets to hand out to the group.

Please feel free to bring family and friends to any and all meetings. We will provide lots free snacks for the group and drinks are available for a small donation of your choosing.

The month of May, will be have the legendary, Si Kahn, lead our meeting. He will be speaking to us about what drove him to become a songwriter and why he wrote the songs he has written. He will also be playing some of his songs for us. Si will stay with us and participate in our song critique portion of our meeting.

The month of June, will be our very popular kick-off to Summer song circle with some very talented guest joining us, who are sure to inspire our group.

The month of August, not only will be have our normal meeting, but we will be having a Friday night song circle at a local club house with food and (BYOB).

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday for friendship, laughter, and MUSIC!

Misty Simpson, Fiona McAllister, Bobby Davis, Julie Dean

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