Minutes for the April 12th Meeting

Charlotte NSAI Meeting Minutes
Date: April 12, 2016
Location:  The Well (220 Main Street, Pineville, NC)
Attendance: 23

Minutes by Bobby Davis, Coordinator

Announcements:  I welcomed everyone to the April meeting drawing attention to the song critique sign-up sheet and the “Schedule of Events Handout” created by Misty detailing our Chapter Events for the next 6 month. Special Thanks to Misty for putting that together.  It can also be found on our website at http://www.NSAICharlotte.com.  We then covered our upcoming free workshop with PBS Star Michael Reno Harrell on April 16th. (Note: This event has passed and is included to capture the event for historical purposes).  NSAI member, Michael Avery, then informed the group about an Open Mic he is hosting at Ledo’s Pizza on Friday nights.  Ledo’s Pizza is located at 489 South Herlong Avenue, Rock Hill, SC 29732.  Michael yielded back to Misty, and given the amount of  first timer’s in attendance, we went around the room, and did quick introductions.  Misty then introduced our newest coordinator Julie Dean.

Tonight’s Lesson:  Julie started out by providing background information on herself and very eloquently transitioned into her lesson. She dispelled some common misconceptions about singing and stressed performance is as much mental as physical.  With that in mind, she tackled the mental aspects by having us say a couple of self-convincing statements out loud. As we are our own worst critics, we need to first convince ourselves not only can we perform, but we are ready, willing, and capable.  This mental preparation sends signals to our body to loosen up and to relax. Our voices are controlled by muscles in the throat, so we want them loose not tense our bodies/throats.  Another method to prepare us was to put on our favorite song and dance. She played her favorite tune and we all danced. Well some of us. LOL! Some of us have two left feet.  Mainly me!  She also covered some breathing techniques and had us sing scales, how do I describe her exercise, instead of singing Doe, Ray, Me, Fa, So, La,Ti, doe, substitute…GLUCK and GLOCK.  Up the scale…say GLUCK, GLUCK, GLUCK, GLUCK, GLUCK, GLUCK and down the scale, GLOCK, GLOCK, GLOCK, GLOCK, GLOCK, GLOCK.   During the exercise, we could feel our jaws expand and contract.  Finally, Julie had several volunteer’s come up and she provided feedback to improve the quality of their performance.  Everyone could use some voice and performance coaching from Julie.  Evening if you spend one hour with her in her studio, the improvements you will see are pretty remarkable!


Armed with our new performance preparation, we moved into song critiques. Nine songs were performed.  What talent…old members…new members…new songs…different types of instruments.  Another great evening with our NSAI Charlotte family!

Our May meeting, we are excited to have legendary singer/songwriter Si Kahn to talk us about what drove him to become a songwriter, why he chose to write the songs he did and perform some of his songs for us.  Si will stay for our member’s song critiques.


Til then….”It All Begins With A Song”…….Bobby, Fiona, Misty and Julie

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