Minutes for October 11th Meeting

Charlotte NSAI Meeting Minutes

Date:  October 11th, 2016

Time:  7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Location:  The Well located at 220 Main Street Pineville, NC

Attendance:  #26

Minutes by Bobby Davis, Coordinator

Announcements:  I opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to our October, NSAI Charlotte, Meeting.  Since I had just received a copy of the NSAI Nashville Newsletter, in the mail, I cover some of the items that were highlighted.  I covered the CMT Sponsored Song Competition NSAI was currently running through the end of October.  I referred everyone to NSAI Nashville’s Web Page, since it is a wealth of information and provides a number of great services to members.  It’s always good to keep up with!

Misty then announced that November’s meeting will be run by Fiona and will be our annual “Show and Tell” meeting.  This meeting allows members to share with the group what they have been up to musically over the last year.  And if they have learned some new songwriting techniques, discovered a new rhyming website, bought some new songwriting software, or anything interesting related to music that they think might help or be of interest to the rest of us, then they should bring it!

Misty also, mentioned that December is our holiday party that includes us having a song circle after we eat.

We also, discussed moving our February meeting which falls on Valentine’s Day to Wednesday the 15th.  We will remind everyone of this as the time gets closer.

With announcements out of the way, we turned to member’s Ed James and Timothy Scott Williams, who taught lessons on how they went about making their CD’s.  Ed covered doing a CD totally by himself.  From the free artwork on his cover, to tracking, mixing, mastering and singing.  While Timothy covered the commercial process he and his wife Sarah, his co-writer, went through to produce their CD.  They BOTH gave us great information and insight!  (We will be getting Ed James’s notes up on Face Book, however, the copy we currently have will not open).

During the question and answer period, I poised the question about writing off  songwriting, CD’s, camps, expenses, etc, on taxes, and a number of members were unaware of the advantages of doing this.    So we discussed having a meeting to inform members about what is allowed and what is not allowed, in the future.

With the lesson complete, we headed into the second half of our meeting which was our member’s song critiques.  Our Charlotte Chapter has so much talent.  It is a real pleasure to hear everyone’s song’s each month.

Til next time…remember…”It All Begins With a Song”!

Bobby Davis, Fiona McAllister, Misty Simpson and Julie Martin Dean,  Coordinators

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