Agenda for February 21st Meeting

Typically NSAI Charlotte meets the second Tuesday of every month.  However, this Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, so we will be meeting the third Tuesday of the month which is Tuesday the 21st.  As always, our meetings are held at The Well in Pineville, located at 220 Main Street, NC, 28134, with Susan hosting.

This month, our meeting will be taught by our Coordinator, Julie Martin Dean, and will be on an important topic:  Microphone Techniques:

“All of the music you listen to – recorded or live (minus some of live opera houses and some choirs) – is boosted with amplification.  The microphone was invented in 1925 and changed popular music, how we sing and how we listen to singing.  Large or small voices, I will give tips on the best microphone practices that will be sure to enhance your performance, including how to hold one properly, how to use one while playing, how to communicate with the sound engineer, etc..  Remember, your audience wants to hear you!”  –  Julie Martin Dean

The second half of our meetings are reserved for members to have their songs critiqued.  If you would like to have your song critiqued, please bring 25 copies of your lyric sheet to hand out to the group, so that we may follow along while you perform.

As with all of our meetings, please feel free to bring family and friends.  We provide lots of free snacks.  Drinks are available for a donation of your choosing.  We hope you go home having learned something, shared some music, been heard, and feel better than when you arrived!

We look forward to seeing you on the 21st!

Misty Simpson, Julie Martin Dean, Fiona McAllister, Bobby Davis, Coordinators


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