Agenda for April 11th Meeting

As usual our NSAI Charlotte meeting will be held the second Tuesday of the month.  So that means this month we will be meeting this coming Tuesday on April 11th from 7:00 pm to approximately 9:30 pm.  Our meeting place is The Well in Pineville, located at 220 Main Street, NC, 28134, with Susan hosting.

Last month, we had our wonderful kick-off to Spring song circle.

This month, our meeting will be taught by our Coordinator, Fiona McAllister, freshly back from her mission trip to Egypt, teaching one of her specialties, Music Theory.

The second half of our meetings are always set aside for member’s song critiques, so be sure to bring 25 copies of your songs if you’d like to have a song critiqued.

As with all of our meetings, please feel free to bring family and friends.  We have couches and a coffee bar!  We provide snacks for fee and drinks are available for a donation of your choosing.  We hope you go home having learned something, shared some music, been heard, and feel better than when you arrived.

Next month, our meeting with be held on May 9th, with Glenn Selby,  teaching, among other things, how to put together a proper playlist for playing in front of an audience and on a CD.  When to talk, when not to talk, what to say, what not to say, etc…  He is going to share with us some of the stage prep he has taught some of our other members, Laura Rabel (YAY) and the Caroline Keller Band (YAY).

If you’ve never been to an NSAI Charlotte meeting, they are informative and fun!  Lot’s of music and laughter.  We look forward to seeing you the second Tuesday’s of the month!

Misty Simpson, Fiona McAllister, Bobby Davis, Julie Martin Dean, Coordinators

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