About NSAI


This is the official web site of the Charlotte, NC chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International, an organization dedicated to the support of songwriters. Charlotte is fortunate to have a very active chapter with a substantial membership and many activities to help members write better songs and get them published, performed and recorded. If you think you might be interested in joining the organization, you are invited to attend our meetings to check us out.

Membership in NSAI: You may join by filling out a membership application which you can get at the meeting, by calling the parent organization at 1-800-321-6008 or by visiting the official NSAI web site.

Monthly Workshop Meeting: The general monthly meeting of NSAI Charlotte is normally held on the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings usually consist of three parts: announcements of interest, a guest speaker or a presentation of interest to songwriters, and critiques of songs brought to the meeting by members. Check the Meetings page for the date and location of the next meeting. Check the home page for posts on meeting agendas and minutes. Each member may have one song critiqued at the regular monthly meeting. Bring a CD of the song or perform it live.  Bring 20 copies of the lyric sheet to pass out to the other attendees, who will write their comments on them before returning them to you. A short verbal discussion is also held on each song.

Make the Most of Your Membership

Making the most of your NSAI membership is one of the best ways to work toward achieving your songwriting goals. Take advantage of many of these membership benefits in the “Members” section of our website; www.nashvillesongwriters.com

Legislative Support: Tell a friend about NSAI. Your membership aids NSAI in actively representing YOUR RIGHTS as a writer in Washington. Once you’ve penned that monster hit, and got it cut, we lobby to make sure you are getting every penny you deserve!

Song Evaluations: Get feedback on your songs. We give you 12 opportunities a year to send in your songs to our NSAI Evaluation service.  A pro writer will listen to your song and provide you with concise, invaluable feedback that will improve your songwriting skills.

Member Pages: Set up your own page on the NSAI Nashville website, allowing you to connect with other members around the world and share information about yourself and your music.

Online Video Library: Learn about the craft and the business. We provide you with hours of educational and inspirational archives of webcasts, on-line chats, and written interviews available at your convenience 24/7, regardless of where in the world you live!

NSAI Events: Attend an event. Our members receive hefty discounts on all of our events, such as Song Camp,  CMT/NSAI Song Contest, and our popular Spring Training symposium and Tin Pan South.

Workshops: Attend a workshop. We have local chapters in over 100 cities. If you live near one, make sure you attend. When you visit Nashville plan to attend the Thursday night workshop. You can also take advantage of the Nashville workshop meetings from the comfort of your own home. Twice a month we webcast our Nashville workshop over the internet so you can learn from the best songwriters, labels and publishers no matter where you are.

Mentoring Sessions: Seek advice. NSAI members receive two, one-hour mentoring sessions a year from professional songwriters.  These can happen at the NSAI Nashville headquarters or can be done by Skype.  These serve as valuable assessments of a member’s ability and help set goals.

Pitch-to-Publisher Luncheon: Take advantage of opportunities. NSAI holds regular Pitch-to-Publisher Luncheons where Nashville’s music and record label representatives gather to hear NSAI’s best songs that come through all of our various programs, services and meetings.  The publishers represent all genres of music, and are able to make their counterparts in other cities aware of great songs and talented up-and-coming songwriters.  Having a song played at these gatherings is a huge benchmark for aspiring writers.  This event has been instrumental in many successful songwriters’ careers.

Wednesday With A Pro:  These sessions are held regularly at the NSAI headquarters in Nashville.  Top level professional songwriters spend an intimate Wednesday afternoon with 20 NSAI members.  Each NSAI member is allowed to attend one of these sessions a year.

Online Pitch:  Top music publishers listen to NSAI member songs online on a regular basis.  Each NSAI member receives two of these sessions a year.  Additional spots can be purchased if available.

NSAI Top 40 Song Page:  NSAI posts the Top 40 Songs from NSAI members quarterly each year.  The songs come through all of NSAI’s programs, services, events and staff.  The public can rank and vote on these songs (one per IP address).  This page allows other NSAI members to gauge their own level of writing by hearing the best from all of our members.  The page is viewed by industry professionals.

E-News:  Goes to all NSAI members on a regular basis.  The electronic newsletter is full of advice, tips, news and cool stuff and is received through each member’s email account.

Resource and Work Center: Use resources. If you have questions about the music industry call or e-mail us at NSAI or check out our online bookstore. When you are in Nashville, use our members’ lounge to check e-mail, make phone calls, use the resource library, or purchase books from our bookstore. If you have a writing appointment, call ahead and reserve one of our four writers’ rooms.

Bluebird Café Auditions: Play out. In order to play the famous Bluebird Writer’s Night you must live within 100 miles of Nashville, unless you are an NSAI member! Please call the Bluebird at 615-383-1461 or visit www.bluebirdcafe.com for the audition schedule.

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