How To Join NSAI

Q: How do I join the NSAI Charlotte Yahoo group, even if I’m not yet a member of NSAI?
A: If you would like to be on our Charlotte NSAI email distribution list, so that you receive our meeting notices and other emails about local songwriting activities, you can do so by joining our Charlotte NSAI Yahoo group, at If you sign up, a group administrator gets an email to approve your joining. Once the request is OK’d you’ll be a member of our Yahoo group. Then anytime we send out a meeting notice, or anytime any member of the yahoo group sends out an email to the group announcing an upcoming gig or something, you’ll get it.

Also, you can join our FB group at: You can send a message to Scott Gregory or Misty Simpson, FB group administrators, for approval. You will then have full access to the latest events and updates.

Q: How do I join NSAI so I can be part of the NSAI Charlotte chapter?
A: When you decide to join NSAI, you do that through the NSAI Nashville website,

Q: Does NSAI offer a payment plan for membership?
A: Yes, NSAI offers Flex Pay option for up to 3 times a year. Again, please go to for more information.

Q: How does the group handle song critiques?
A: NSAI Charlotte strives to provide a forum for song critiques that encourage and inspire our members. Here’s a quote from one of our coordinators that sums up the essence of song critiques:

The most important thing a song can do is move a listener. What the writer hears and what listeners hear is often very different. Many writers do not want to change their songs. These writers will not grow as quickly as writers that are willing to adapt to the listener. And their songs will never move a listener like a writer who has learned how to influence a listener. The purpose of the critique session is to provide feedback on your song from listeners to develop you song, and your writing skills.”

We encourage you to download a copy of the full document — Welcome to the NSAI Charlotte Critique Session — authored by Fiona McAllister, and from which the above quote is extracted. As always, if you have questions or comments about NSAI Charlotte’s critique sessions, don’t hesitate to contact one of the coordinators!

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